Comet HM-05JSJ


Great jumper for connecting to many (most) Chinese branded radios. SMA-female on one end, SO-239 on the other end. Just add a short (or long) piece of coax with PL-259 ends – and you are in business!

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This jumper is really intended to provide strain relief on your HT when connect to your Elk Antenna or other non-rubber duck antenna. When you connect a heavy piece of coaxial cable to your HT, you run the risk of damaging or snapping off your RF connector. That could cause expensive repairs or worse to the radio. The SMA-female connector is made to connect to many Chinese and some Motorola radios. You will need a piece – either long or short depending on your needs – of coaxial cable to join the other end of the jumper to your Elk Antenna. This jumper is meant to work in combination with an additional piece of coax.

SMA-female on one side, and SO-239 on the other. Great wire for many (most) Chinese branded radios.


Comet HM-05JSJ = 18″ in length

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Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × .5 in


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