June 29, 2023
Hi Jim,
Here is the mobile-stationary setup I ended up with when deployed to my local served hospital several weeks ago. No problems working simplex 30 miles away…with lots of hills and valleys in-between. No hope before.
Gary N5GDO

June 2, 2023
This antenna was purchased for its reasonable gain, low SWR, quality of workmanship, balance and size… which I needed in for a portable, rapidly deployable alternative to my ARROW dual band…bird chasers of which I have several variants. I also required a single feed line “without duplexer” with dual band…Log Periodic characteristics…for getting it “up-in” & “on” the air in an emergency.

Wind load and center of balance also played a major role in my decision. I am a real believer in choosing EmComm antenna’s and gear that is highly adaptable, rugged, reliable, and light-weight.

ELK antenna products are the answer, for a variety of direction finding and EmComm applications.

Gary Oliver, N5GDO

March 7, 2023
Good morning Jim!

I received the antennas yesterday… I was so excited they got here super fast!
I wanted to say how NICE they are. When I was unpacking them I was super impressed with the attention to detail in the build and the quality of the antenna. I’m so happy I went with the powder coated version it’s really nice looking!
Being brand new to the hobby I really really love how it’s color coded. I don’t have to think how to put it together, it is a snap to set up and super light. I also love the bag and how everything fits so well and the organization of it all!
I will be taking your suggestion on how to attach it to my tripod so thanks for that.
I’m hoping to test it out this weekend.
Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and giving such thorough information.


December 4, 2022

Happy New Year, Jim, and best wishes for a better 2023…

I’ve got a bunch of your antennas now and have used them extensively. Insane performance even when used inside my condo. In fact they work so well, I don’t even use the antennas outside at all anymore. Definitely the most hassle-free ham equipment on the planet! Keep up the great work!!


November 15, 2022
Good afternoon, Jim.
Set up my Elk dual-bander on a PVC mast and the performance was truly awesome. One really nice surprise was the wide coverage outside the advertised 2m/70 cm bands. It picked up the 1.25m band extremely well, I heard airband stations (both tower and jets), 20+ miles away from me across Raritan Bay and, most surprisingly, I even picked up several shortwave stations I had never heard before quite clearly. It was interesting to me for those “off-label” bands that I sometimes got best results when the antenna was pointed at the origin of the signal either backwards or significantly off-center. So who knows what’s going on there but wow, what an amazing piece of gear. I’ll be ordering another one shortly. Incredible what someone with just 5 watts can accomplish with this thing.

John, K2MEU
August 26, 2022
Hi, Jim:

I purchased this antenna from you two years ago when I moved into a condo in a gated HOA community in Bradenton, FL.

I have a pretty big attic but the roofs here are wood and metal, creating a Faraday cage effect for HF antennas (a big disappointment to me because I was hoping to put a small beam in there permanently). I hoped that VHF/UHF would work from here but I wasn’t confident.

Anyway, I finally had time to assemble and install my Elk 2m/70cm log periodic antenna. I found an open area of my attic and installed the antenna on a Pyle tripod speaker stand, using a 30-year-old Radio Shack antenna rotor. From start to finish, the project took me less than an hour to complete (I had wired the condo for my ham radio equipment before I moved my furniture and everything was labeled and ready to use). Both bands have VSWR of less than 1:5 to 1 across all frequencies, and didn’t change when I checked after hooking up a 50-foot RG8X low loss cable to my shack.

I am a member of the Tampa Amateur Radio Club (TARC) and have no problem hitting their 2-meter repeater 60 miles away. I am getting great signal reports and nobody in my neighborhood has a clue that I have a ham antenna installed in my attic. That put a huge smile on my face.

The instructions were great; the product is superb. I plan to buy another one for my other condo in Chicago. I’m looking forward to working satellites with this unit.

Thank you for making a great product. I would like to put a review on your website but I don’t have an account.

Mike Nikolich

I have been using the dual band Elk for several years with my Yaesu FT60 HT, contacting & confirming hams via different satellite in 28 different States.

Here is shot of me in New Mexico’s Ojito Wilderness contacting a ham in California through the ISS FM repeater.

Thank you for your product.



September 1, 2020
Hi Jim,
My antenna arrived safely yesterday. I immediately mounted it on my portable light stand/mast inside the house and threw my NanoVNA on it just for fun. Wow! Picture perfect on the 2 meter band! No doubt in my mind now, I’ll definitely be able to save the world with this antenna!

The fit/finish and overall build quality is beautiful. Great work. I know I’ll have many years of enjoyment. Thanks for a great product!


August 22, 2020
I just wanted to tell you that from the ISS APRS standpoint, if asked for an antenna recommendation for APRS via Satellites I will be recommending your product hands down. Your Elk dual band is lighter and construction is fantastic.

My YouTube channel W6GPS is where I have a demo. Anyway, thumbs up and have a good one.

Don Arnold, W6GPS
Chattanooga, TN

June 1, 2019

Within the last year I bought one of your log leriodic 2m/440 antennas for satellite contacts.  Just to let you know you i bought yours over the competitors for one simple reason.  It packs down easy for go on a bicycle or into a suitacase. It also (fully assembled) lays in the back seat of my car nicely when i want to go to a park or recreation area to play with the birds. Thanks for a great product!!!  Im having a blast again with the hobby.  I am strictly portable. Ham radio is an event for me.  I go do it like some people go to watch a ball game.

Bruce Whittemore
March 25, 2019

Good Evening Jim and Misa,

Used the Elk beam this past weekend for the Pacifica Cert Drill on 2m FM and 2m USB, running at 50 watts Net Control had no trouble hearing me. This antenna continues to work fantastically well. This beam is up 40′.
Kelly/WB6AAJ and Marianna Tuttle
San Jose
March 22,2019

I ordered the 440MHz antenna because I am in a area with 100 ft. evergreens and 60 ft. hills. So I have to overcome 160ft. of interference. After putting your antenna on a small tripod I could reach areas not possible before, and the voices were so clear, I had to turn the volume  down.This is the 5th antenna I have used with the Kenwood THd 74 , Thanks

Cyphers & Kallander Refinishers
March 17, 2019
Hi Jim,
Jeff here from NC. Well, I got the 220 MHz and the 2M/440L5 MHz antennas mounted side by side and I could not be any more pleased. You were correct in everything you said they would be. SWR is 1:1 on both with 100 ft of LMR 400.
Getting excellent reports of signal strength and modulation clarity. Thanks for all your help and advice on mounting and getting the most out of my setup. Hitting repeaters 100 miles away with 30-40 watts. I’ve attached a photo to show you too how they are camouflaged from the HOA folks around the surrounding trees. Thanks for such a great product for our market.
Regards and 73’s
Elk Antennas Stacked.jpg
September 15, 2018
I Love this Antenna
Hello Jim,
I have built many “Sat” antenna’s.  My latest was a “QFHA”, for 2 mtrs. Hears really well.
I am going satellite “portable” soon. I didn’t like the idea of 2 separate antennas. I did not care for the  X  elements on the boom. Not very “portable”.
I,  “pondered”  the idea of building a  U/V ant. with the the elements on the same “plane”. And, removable elements.  You BEAT Me to it  !
Nice Job, Really well done.
It’s going on the “road” soon. Look out  AO-92. Here I come. From VE2….
Francis Geraci, WB1FXX
August 8, 2018
Hi Jim,
Just to let you know your antenna is ridiculous! I make contacts EVERY time i take it out.  I’m using my Yaesu handheld on about 2 watts or less in full-duplex mode. I just need to tidy up my set up and i have a great satellite rig on the FM birds.   I’m hooked!  I gotta check out the other birds on sideband but don’t have a rig for that.
Thanks for a great product!
Bruce KB0EQH
June 29, 2018

Hi Jim;

Initially I used a J-pole antenna for VHF/UHF repeater contacts. Living in a valley, my coverage was only to local repeaters within a 10 mile radius.  However, I was very pleased to see my range was extended to approximately 90 miles once I started using my Elk log periodic . RST reports were consistently 59 with clear reception on my end. I used the antenna during 2018  Field Day and got a lot of compliments. The antenna is well designed and sturdy with assembly and disassembly a piece of cake.  It is ideal for fox hunts and satellite communication. All in all, a great antenna.


Justin, KB2ZVD


June 15, 2018

A few months ago I purchased a 2m/70cm antenna from you and after taking some time to figure out how to engineer a way to use it with a metal Buddipole tripod, I used it last night for the first time with our local ARES net. I basically used the PVC handle you included, but I extended the two antenna connectors by 12″ so it was further from the metal pole, and I added a notched piece of PVC to support the antenna wire so it would be straight. I’m attaching a picture (see below). I’m working in an RV park this summer and my HT cannot hit our repeater even with a Diamond Antenna! I plugged your antenna in my HT and folks on the ARES net said I sounded like I was sitting in their living room! Thanks for a GREAT product! I am very happy with it.

Gaff Pearce, W4GYP

Elk on a Buddipole Mast


April 29, 2018

Hi Jim,

Received the antenna this morning (sat) and was able to make 2 contacts on AO-91 with just a 14deg pass using my FT 60 HT an hour later.  This was thru trees to boot! Worked several people doing the Wal Mart Parking Lots on the AIR contest (WMPLOTA) .

This is going to be fun!

Thanks es 73!




February 21, 2018

I just received the antenna… and I have to say I’m really pleased with the craftsmanship.
Checked the SWR as well … excellent on both bands !!
This is certainly money well spent.
Thank you so much.
Richard Karikari
Accra, Republic of Ghana

February 6, 2018

WOW I got this antenna from HRO in Atlanta, GA and just WOW I’m so impressed!  I really love this antenna, it’s my favorite piece of gear now.  I have the 2M/440L5 dual-band one.  I plan to put a review on eham.com, but I personally wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for making such a nice thing for the ham radio community. I wish I would have known about it sooner. I found out through YouTube.com and people working satellites. I’m hitting repeaters I never could before. I run nets as net control and I’m finally full quieting.

I would really love to see a some kind of stand (perhaps with something to rotate it) for this thing though, I wish you guys made one.  I’d buy it in a heartbeat.  Right now its on a PVC pipe, which is fine.

Again, thanks again for making such a thing.  Care to make one for HF?!? ?



(NOTE FROM AF6PU: You might want to check out PortableRotation.com and their line or AZ-EL rotators that are terrific for satellite work.)


November 8, 2017

A warning came on the dashboard indicating a tire was low on air. In the past when this happened It was necessary to drag the old compressor out fill it up with air then to the appropriate tire and fill it with air. Now in my delicate condition it is a sight for sore eyes. Diane used to sell tickets. At one time I had bought a very small compressor that ran on the cigarette lighter if the car had one. Then you would pull out 15 feet of electric cord and plug it in. When all done this cord had to be folded up and stuffed back into the mini compressor.

Now along came a device called the “Daysaver  battery”. The scene went like this. While still sitting in his three wheel cart this person wheeled up to the trunk and retrieved the battery and very small compressor. Took out about 3 feet ft of electric cord plugged it into this wonderful battery. This whole procedure took 15 min as compared to the previous method which took a good 30 min.

These batteries are hard to find. The seller of these batteries should make them more available so others could benefit from them..

Jay D. Caldis KT6Y


October 5, 2017

Hi Jim!

Just wanted to write in to you to say how incredibly pleased I’ve been with my 2m/440 Elk! I picked up one at the tail end of Pacificon on Sunday and then also spoke with you a week ago about sorting out a stand solution. Yesterday I took it a bit of the ways up on the San Bruno Mountain ridge and had a go on 2m simplex and I including everyone I spoke with was blown away with the reach and quality of signal I was getting. Several folks in turn were at home and concluded in our conversation that the Elk Antenana was going to be a new purchase for them to consider as well!
I’m looking forward to getting more time on the air and also getting some SOTA activations, as one person told me “you sound like ya have a winning setup!”

Also attached is a photo of the stand setup I worked out. I didn’t get a very good photo as it was already quite cold with sunset and winds were picking up so I was hustling to get myself packed up!

Cheers & 73!



September 10, 2017

Hi folks, it! 10:10 AM here at BocaRaton Regional Hospital and we’re in the midstream of hurricane Irma. The coax to our main dual band antenna seems to have water intrusion. I set up the antenna as shown and is working AWSOME to get thru. I am very impressed. Will second picture.

Regards John Holzapfel, KE4IDW


September 9, 2017

Best antenna for the buck! I have been using mine for 2+ years. Handheld or mounted this antenna has perfect reception and it breaks down for quick on the go trips. During a bad winter storm my pole snapped and dropped the antenna 30 feet. Didn’t break or damage whatsoever. 73’s KG5FLO


Hi Jim,

Just five minutes before the conclusion of the VHF contest last weekend I made a QRP contact with Brian/KK6ZIZ/Benicia, CA. We were both running 5.0 watts out on 146.490 MHz simplex.Brian was using a hand-held in his car. I received him about a S-3 signal strength,  some white noise, but contact made thanks to the ELK beam, probably would never have heard him otherwise. Quite amazing!!!:-):-) I have a second ELK reserved for portable/emergency use.CU @ PACIFICON.

Blessings to you and your family,

Kelly and Marianna Tuttle
San Jose, CA


Hi Jim,

Testamonial one.

Ran 800mW from a TYT TH-UV3R hand held and reached the Pacifica repeater/WA6TOW a tiny bit of noise behind my signal but very readable as noted from W6EZE/”Chris” near the repeater. Quite amazing. With 2 watts out Chris reported I was full quieting!!!:-):-).
Truely amazing. The beam is still rotatable up about 40′.

Testamonial two.

Most mornings continue to receive good reports from “Ben”/WB6GBS/Fresno over the W6TO repeater.I am running about 150 watts during this time and beam position is critical.Very very amazing.But that’s why I purchased a second Elk for portable/emergency work.

Great job and antenna.

Thanks Jim and 73,

Kelly and Marianna Tuttle


I have been using this antenna for years and have recently purchased another, but I think you are “missing the boat” by not actively marketing this model to ARES.  The antenna is a natural in that role!  IMHO every ARES organization NEEDS to have several of these. I used one in Southern Oregon in ARES roles.  I carried various length of poles (masts) in the back of my truck, mounted on a patio umbrella weight.  No, I didn’t use it mobile. One role was to see how fast I could deploy a 2m/440 rig to the mountains, along with a HF rig and get set up and operating.  Your antenna made the VHF/UHF set-up easy!

Recently moved back to Texas and will be exploring new roles for this antenna.

Satisfied customer,
Hal,   W6JFG

I purchased this excellent antenna December 23rd 2014 at HRO Atlanta. I don’t have a permanent shack, I use a go kit on the dining room table a couple times a week to check into local nets. I disassemble and reassemble each time. I find that the antenna build quality is excellent and the assembly is so easy a cave man could do it. ?While over Christmas break I made a contact  over 100 miles on 5 watts  to check into a weather net. I’m extremely impressed with the performance for such a small package. I also have used it indoors during bad weather to check into nets with one watt, that the jpole outside needs 5 watts. If you can’t tell I love qrp. If you don’t have an elk antenna  you are really missing out.

Hope things are well,
Cory Unger


Well jim, i just had to let you know……….one of the clubs i belong to, had a fox hunt…..there were 8 contestants……i found the fox first….. i used the elk to get the first bearing and second bearing…..then switched to a loop antenna and finally no antenna…. the time limit was 2 hours…i found the fox in 45 minutes…..

-Jack Wilde, VA3JFW


NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman KF5LKT, operating as NA1SS from the International Space Station during the 2014 ARRL Field Day on Saturday, June 28, 2014, at 1815-1822 UT.

After announcements of possible participation of the ISS amateur radio station in the 2014 ARRL Field Day, it was nice to hear Reid on the radio. Among the stations making contact with NA1SS on this pass, I was able to make a brief contact as the ISS was about to go over Arizona.

The WD9EWK station used for this contact, and to record the NA1SS audio, was an Icom IC-2820H 2m/70cm FM mobile transceiver, transmitting at 5W into an Elk Antennas handheld 2m/70cm log periodic antenna. The radio was powered by a 12V/26Ah jumpstart battery.

See the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QC3l6NplbM

Current status of the ISS amateur radio stations at

AMSAT-UK http://amsat-uk.org/

Courtesy of:


Southgate Amateur Radio News-England, United Kingdom
Website and Ham Radio News:


Hi Jim!

I thought I’d write to you about the 2M/440 L5 Antenna results. I ended up ordering the PL-259 silver/teflon connectors and RG-8A/U (#CQ106 Super 8) along with an RG-174, 36″ extension SO-239 to SMA male from http://www.thewireman.com. Everything arrived last Friday and I put them together the next day. Very impressed with the quality of the custom manufactured coax I got from them and the price was excellent too.

On Saturday afternoon I went out and tried the antenna hooked up to my VX-8DR at 5W. Amazing is all I can say Jim! I normally have trouble accessing the satelites with my rubber duck when there is heavy cloud cover. We had black skies that afternoon and you almost could not see the sun shining through. Pretty much a worst case scenario here. Once I hooked up the Elk antenna I could easily access them every single time! I was also astounded by the fact that I made a repeater contact on 2M way up in Bloomington, IN with the Elk. That was an 85 mile trip!

All I can say is that I am VERY pleased with the antenna and now wonder about the mono-band 220 and 440 antennas you have there.

Jim, I can’t wait to try my new antenna out this weekend up on a huge hill nearby. God only knows how far this thing will reach out!

Best 73’s

Mike Davis – KG6FD
Jeffersonville, IN


I have a Elk antenna and really like it. I point the antenna to the weakest repeater and it hits other repeaters off the sides. When I check into 4 of 5 nets on Sunday night I don’t have to move the antenna, but just change frequencies.

I love the PVC mounting system I have added several 2 foot sections and build a base so the antenna stands by itself. This is great.

I was demonstrating SWR at a Technician class and had to use another antenna. The Elk Antenna was flat from 108 to 174 MHz. with a SWR of less than 1.2 to 1. That is very impressive.

Daniel Stevens KL7WM
Training Coordinator


A great place to look for reviews of Elk Antennas is eHam.net. Just search the  Reviews section. Here are some recent examples:
“put this up at around 10 on a pvc mast(turn it by hand)i am using a ft-817nd,and with 5watts in the sf.bay area,with all the hills and valleys.talking 100mile plus on 2m/ssb and 430/ssb.great antenna,kent”(ka6osx)

“I bought two of these antennas. Put one up above my house and one above my shop. At the same time I had a M2 5WL with one and a M2 18XXX with the other. Hurricane Ike relieved me of both M2’s and the Elk’s remained intact with the exception of one element. I called the folks at Elk antenna to order another replacement and they sent one out to me without charge. Excellent folks to do business with and those little 24″ antennas will surprise the dickens out of you on performance.
I can work 200+ mile stations regularly with 300 watts at 50′ with similar equipped stations. YMMV”

“I received my Elk Antennas 2M/440L5 log periodic as a Christmas gift in 2006. In the past few weeks, I finally got around to making a PVC handle for it, and now it is my antenna of choice for portable satellite work.

Before the log periodic, my directional antenna for portable satellite work was an Arrow Antennas dual-band Yagi. A good antenna, and one I have used for over 3 years (and owned for at least 6). In January 2009, I made a PVC handle for my log periodic, and decided to try working the satellites exclusively with that instead of the Yagi.

When working the same types of passes I would try in the past with the Yagi, I could hear the satellite closer to the horizon with the log periodic. I have been able to turn shallow passes, with maximum elevation of 5 or 6 degrees, into productive passes – something I would rarely, if ever, do with the Yagi.

On the FO-29 satellite, I would need for the satellite to be at least 25-30 degrees above the horizon to hear it clearly on my dual-band Yagi. I would probably need a preamp to improve on that. Using the log periodic, I have been able to hear FO-29 closer to the horizon (between 5 and 10 degrees). This satellite is now fun to work, and may let me have some success on the old AO-7.

This is a great little antenna, and not just for satellite work. It can be a antenna for a home station, used for VHF/UHF contesting, as well as for satellite work. It is now a permanent fixture for my portable satellite station.



“Just returned from 2 week medical mission trip (as radio operator) to isolated area in Honduras with International Health Service team. Put my Elk 2m/440 log periodic thru its’ paces. Worked great! Set up atop @15 ft mast of lashed-together saplings. Enabled our team to keep 2m simplex contact with our HQ 22 miles away, even with intervening hills, even using 5w hand held. Survived 30+mph winds swaying back & forth on poles. Later, used it on an 8 ft pole tied to a fence post and established usable voice with HQ as we coordinated extraction using light aircraft. Great product. Small enough to pack in our equipment boxes.” Steve, KI4ZUI

“Ordered this antenna sight unseen solely based upon user comments. All I can say is you won’t be disappointed. I’ve purchased many antennas over the years but few have impressed me as much as this antenna. Whether you use it for portable use, fixed station use, it’s a keeper. I’m ordering another next payday just to keep in the trunk of my car for special events and emergency use when I need to reach out and work those distant or fringe repeater systems.”

“I just wanted to comment on my first day results with this antenna.

Today from DM13, I listened to the ISS crew talk with a class of kids. On the next pass, I made contact in Arizona. A few hours later I made contact with Kansas City on AO-51 (on a 15 degree pass). This was as exciting as my first HF contact.

I aimed the antenna by hand and used it with my FT-60.

I had attempted working the birds for weeks with various antennas but could never even hear them.

This is a great antenna and I would recommend it to anyone interested in working satellites.”


Here are some older testimonials:

Hi Ray,

Your new dual bander is just great! I was able to adapt it for hand held use for working OU-14 satellite in about one hour with great results.

Assemble the antenna in about 3 minutes, unless you’re color blind.

I used a scrap piece of 1 inch PVC pipe as my handle with a 90 degree ell into the mounting structure. I used a 24 inch length of thin wall 3/4 inch PVC pipe that I slid over the coax and the  PL 259 fitting. I held this in place by stuffing a small piece of foam rubber into the PVC. This arrangement easily satisfies the requirement to have the coax run at 90 degrees from the antenna for at least 19 inches. 20 minutes on this max.

Most of my time was spent programming the Doppler shift frequencies into my IC 706MKIIG, 30 minutes on this, probably less if I had read the manual first.

I already had the pass predictions run from Sat Scope so I went out on the deck in my backyard with the 706 and a Gel Cell battery and waited for ASO. I used a cheapo compass and just eyeballed the elevation. Wait a few minutes.

As soon as I heard the FM quiet, I called W6DXO QRZ OU-14 and got a call back almost immediately … really easy. I have worked OU-14 for the past 4 days with no trouble at all.

Other observations:

SWR on 144 is almost flat.. about 1.2:1 across most of the band.

You don’t need a fancy carrying case, just use 2 or 3 rubber bands to hold the elements to the boom for transport or storage.

No duplexer, just coax and a radio.

If you want to experiment with the OU-14 satellite and have a radio that will run 144/430 and a 10 foot length of coax, you’re ready to go. If you spend more than $4 bucks on this, there is something wrong!

This is really a well executed design.

Thanks,  Harry Edwards W6DXO


“This beam works super!”  – – – Gordon West, WB6NOA – – 2M Log periodic


“I have one of your 2M log periodic antennas and let me just say that the performance of it is exceptional!” – – – Steve W9ABZ- – – Mt View , CA


“Tonight I put your antenna on a shovel handle driven into my landscaping (4 feet above grade), hooked up the cable, turned on my beacon and immediately received an APRS acknowledgement. Needless to say, I’m quite happy with the performance of your antenna.  My transmission problems have been solved.” – – – Mark Pedroia  KF6TYS, 2M Log Periodic


“Just wanted to tell you how satisfied I have been with the 2M Log Periodic antenna. I installed it on a mast on the roof and have it pointed North to access the Berryessa repeater, 90 to 100 miles from my QTH in San Jose. Results have been very good, until I got the LP, I used a J pole and was always marginal, even with 25 watts. Now with the LP, I can have a solid QSO with my friend Jim, W6RWI, in Sacramento with 5 watts.

I appreciate the F/B ratio since the Monterey repeater is on the same frequency (different PL) and I am located about mid-point between the two repeaters.”

– – – Al Hadad AA6SB


“I bought one of your 440 antennas at the Foothill Swap a few months ago and it works GREAT! We’re getting the best bang for the buck , we get great range, bandwidth and directionality with a fleapower xmtr for the uplink video. Uplink works great!” Camera+audio>>LPDA   – – – Frank Hausman, SF


“I have been using your 2M LP as my primary directional antenna for foxhunting. It has good directional characteristics and is the most compact antenna I have found for the gain. This is very important for foxhunting, keep the antenna small and compact. This weekend I used your 440 Log Periodic on the 3rd harmonic and it worked superbly. I have included your literature in my class notes for the class I teach on foxhunting techniques.” – – – Chris Stewart, KE6MNR  Sebastopole CA


“I bought one of your 440 LP antennas and am surprised how good it works.”

– – – Rollie Ayers KJ7FY  Lake Havasu City, AZ


“I bought a dual band log periodic (2M) antenna from you a few months ago and it has been working great!””- – – KK7BEN, Benjamin Ng


“W7FGQ and I use the your 440 LPs at both ends of a link to our 75 Meter on a daily basis. We see a big improvement over our home built Yagis, like several S units.” – – – R H Hogland W7MZT