SMA Barrel Connector


SMA Barrel Connector (female to female)

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Several of our jumper cables (Comet HS-05, HS-10, and HB-05) terminate with a SMA-male connection. That is terrific if you have a radio that has a SMA-female RF adapter. You will find that most (if not all) Chinese HTs, and some brands (e.g., Motorola) have SMA-male RF connectors on their radios. I don’t sell a universal adapter, but I do have a good option to make that connection to your BaoFeng or Wouxun Handi-Talkie (HT). You can use one of these SMA Barrel Connectors (female-female) between two male SMA connectors. If you get one of these SMA Barrel Connectors and an appropriate jumper cable, you will then be able to connect your Elk to wide range of radios from Japan, China, and elsewhere.

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