DaySaver Power Systems

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Portable power is often just what you need when you are in a tough spot – be it an emergency, or just DXing from the edge of a beautiful blue ocean!  We assemble complete portable power systems that are ideal for anyone interested in EmComm, Field Day operations, camping, power outages, or mountain top operations.

Elk Antennas / DaySaver offers systems at different price points, and different amp hours to match your budget or your needs. These systems are 12 volt and are packaged to take with you anywhere.  They are in beautiful, yet rugged full-grain leather cases.  They are fused for safety, so you don’t create a new problem when trying to solve another problem. They have both a cigar plug and dual Anderson Powerpoles to provide power the way you want it.  A smart charger it provided to keep your battery charged up or topped off and ready for service.  We offer two different chemistries of battery: AGM and LiFePO4.


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